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Wedding Car Hire Terms and Conditions in Northampton

Feb 3

Whether you are looking to hire a wedding car in Northampton, UK, or anywhere else in the world, you need to know the terms and conditions of your hire contract. If you don't, you could be facing fines, penalties or other negative consequences.

Cancellation policy

Choosing the right cancellation policy for your Northampton UK wedding car hire is important. This is so that you don't lose money when you cancel. There are a number of reasons why you might want to cancel, such as extreme weather or the loss of a key member of your family.

In the event of a cancellation due to reasons outside our control, we will refund the monies paid. The refund will be made in accordance with the cancellation policy. The cancellation policy for wedding car hire in Northampton will vary depending on the vehicle you have chosen.

Cancellations must be made in writing or by phone during normal office hours. Cancellations are not permitted via text or voice mail.

Wedding car hire can be booked for any duration of time you wish. The minimum hire period is four hours. The minimum mileage is 30 miles. The hirer is responsible for the fitting of child seats. It is not acceptable to have pets in the vehicle.

Cancellation fees

Whether you book a wedding car for a specific date or time, you need to be aware of cancellation fees. Unless you ask for a change, your booking will not be changed.

Your hire will be calculated on a sliding scale based on the likelihood of your car being booked on another date. If you want to change your hire date, you must pay an administration fee of £25. The date will be moved if your event falls within 540 days (18 months) of the original booking date. If your event falls on a date that is more than 540 days after the original date, you may be required to pay an additional £25 administration fee.

There is a minimum hire period of four hours, with the option of booking the car for longer. A hire period is calculated by taking into account the estimated time of travel and estimated time of arrival.

If you wish to change your date, you must give at least 24 hours' notice. If you do not give at least 24 hours' notice, you will be charged the full cost of the booking.

No statutory right to cancel

Unless you have a legal right to do so, you cannot cancel your Northampton UK wedding car hire contract. The contract is entered into when you sign your wedding car hire booking confirmation and you make payment for the services. If you cancel the contract within 10 weeks of the date of the wedding, you will be required to pay a reservation fee. This fee is calculated on a sliding scale, depending on the likelihood of re-booking the car.

If you cancel more than 10 weeks from the date of your wedding, you will be required to pay half of the total booking price. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the wedding date. If you cancel less than 60 days before the wedding date, you will be required to pay the full amount. The car supplier will then reimburse you for the money you have paid.

There are exceptions to this. Some contracts for leisure activities, accommodation, transport and car hire do not give you a statutory right to cancel.


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