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Jan 6

If you're a city or town worker, you're job is never finished. As sidewalks and roads crumble, they are as a result of the weight of traffic and weatherconditions, and therefore maintenance needs to occur continuously. The formation of potholes occurs when water seeps through cracks in the asphalt after it has been there for a period of time. The expanding and contracting water occurs as it freezes in winter months or evaporates during warmer weather and causes the asphalt disintegrate as time passes. Repairing asphalt isn't always an easy task, however it is doable and done with ease, especially when you employ the right individuals to complete the work.


Asphalt potholes tend to be found within areas of heavy traffic. Potholes can be as small as about a few inches in depth to several feetin depth, and they are an unsafe condition for motorists.


Unfortunate events can happen if potholes in the asphalt road do not get attention immediately.


There are usually a number of alternatives to fix potholes made by asphalt for patching: hot or cold mix, milling and overlaying the asphalt repair material, or replacing of the entire section of affected asphalt.


The most appropriate method for repairing the potholes in your area is dependent on a many factors, including cost-effectiveness and the volume of traffic within the zone, and the severity of the damage to the roadway surface. Size and shape of the pothole, as it's location to other roads in the vicinity will need to be considered as well.


Repair options also differ depending on whether or not you are willing to wait for up to two months before beginning repairs due to weather restrictions (chilly cold winter days).


Patching with hot-mix asphalt may generally be completed in the night Some methods require many days or even weeks.


Whatever method for repair you choose, it should be repaired soon after it's started to develop, so there's absolutely no chance for further potholes appearing nearby!


If you're unsure which repair option is best for you please contact us and we can assist in determining what is the best choice for you.


Tip: To stay clear of potholes which develop over time, in your location with lots of traffic look at cracks on a regular basis which may develop into potholes. Fix them prior to them becoming bigger problems down the road!


The consequences of neglecting to take care of roads with pits could result in serious damages that could require road closures when vehicles cannot legally travel over them. One of the reasons that cities prefer to repair the roads frequently is that they need reliable transportation networks.


It is our belief that asphalt maintenance isn't required every day because new roads fail similar to old ones but the need for repairs are likely to grow as more cars traverse on existing roads each day. If you wish for your streets in your city or other major thoroughfares to continue as a secure and visually appealing route, then repair is necessary.


Call us today for pothole repair near you!



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